Statement of Impartiality

PRI Registrar has a commitment to our Quality Policy Objectives and a drive for developing and continually improving effective management system registration policies. Impartiality is ensured in both current and planned activities through the use of on-going risk analysis and a non-biased external advisory panel. This advisory panel consists of members who represent the variety of technical, industry sector and other parties which PRI Registrar serves. By investigating the risks associated with all activities, PRI Registrar is better poised to confront the challenges of the industries we serve.


PRI Registrar致力于实现我们的质量方针和目标,推动开发并且持续改进有效的管理体系注册过程。我们通过持续开展的风险分析和无偏见的外部顾问委员会来确保当前和已策划的活动的公正性。顾问委员会由PRI Registrar所服务的各个技术和行业领域,以及其他相关方的代表组成。通过调查与所有活动相关的风险,PRI Registrar可以在我们服务的行业中更好地面对各种挑战。

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